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Stamp Duty Guide & FAQ

The Chancellor announced in 2018 that stamp duty was being abolished for some first-time buyers, but many home buyers will still end up paying Stamp Duty Land Tax on their properties. The amount you pay can vary depending on a number of factors, but our extensive guide and FAQs will help guide you through this tax and answer any questions you might have.

Stamp Duty Land Tax on Annexes

Anyone who buys a property with a self-contained dwelling should check whether the 3% surcharge for buying second or additional dwellings should be applied to the entire purchase price. These dwellings could comprise a separate annexe such as a “granny flat” attached to the main building or another type of self-contained dwelling such as a gardener’s cottage on the grounds. 

British homebuyers could be owed a huge £2bn by the taxman for overpaid stamp duty because an online calculator got its sums wrong.

The HMRC online tool is supposed to calculate the amount of stamp duty owed after buying a property. It does not take certain discounts into account, however, which could potentially be worth thousands.

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Why Does SDLT Overpayment Occur?

HMRC’s Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator is only supposed to be a guide figure, it currently does not consider the most basic of calculations, such as the purchase of mixed-use land, least of all when it comes to the high level of transactions that just are not clear-cut.

For many solicitors, mortgage advisors and individuals HMRC’s calculator this is the main tool used to calculate SDLT rates. Here lies the problem. 

This unrealistic expectancy of solicitors to be both property experts and tax experts at the same time could continue to leave homeowners overpaying their Stamp Duty, it’s no wonder why 1 in 4 calculation are currently done incorrectly.

HMRC has introduced 100's of tax reliefs and updates to SDLT over the years, so there is a chance your solicitor inadvertently calculated your SDLT incorrectly

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